No model for decency, this regime,
with racism and inequality.
Even torture, which shows that it’s extreme.
Harshness to those living in poverty.

No model for safety, this government,
with all limits on guns taken away.
Weakened the rules which prevent accidents.
Health care restricted to those who can pay.

No model for the environment, this,
with climate change deniers in power.
Natural land despoiling, won’t resist.
Chemicals and G.M., will allow more.

No model for truth, from these buccaneers.
Set bad example to the world for years.


I am more and more disturbed by it all.
Does not seem a good reason why this way.
In fact, a lot that’s unreasonable.
Unlikely factors been brought into play.

Inequality increasingly so.
Democracy damaged and distorted.
Falsehood become necessarily so.
Diversions repeatedly reported.

The protection of wealth taking strange form.
A distance apart as if unnoticed,
with fascist entertainment the new norm.
Means chance for the change that should be, gets missed.

‘Managed’ so that lives remain restricted,
but the show put on, not been predicted.


In this current era of anything
is there anything worth considering?
Stuff of politics put out there, dancing,
but it’s crashing around unendearing.

Quickly out of step and out of focus.
Conflict might take the mind off the chaos.
Paranoid versions about who can trust.
Anyone someone who may betray us.

Kill people at home and afar, by stealth,
by taking away their welfare support
and bombs sold to increase maniacs’ wealth.
Interesting in that scary and fraught,

but it will not bring change for the better
until crazed messages a dead letter.


Is its virtue, freedom and liberty.
America’s abiding principle.
At least, so enshrined it is meant to be.
But, in metaphor, the statue may fall.

Equal Rights believed in, ‘though not made good.
And there are many who hate the concept.
Challenge to themselves, how it’s understood.
To their privileged status. Can’t accept.

And those monied, too, will react against,
if their position appears jeopardised.
Can put up with, if it keeps its distance.
But only so far, or else compromised.

Racists and fascists, the shockwave brownshirts.
Equal freedom ideal, power deserts.


All he can manage to push from his lips
is a stream of awful absurdities.
Utterances he can’t seem to resist,
which indicate his racist sympathies.

Automatic. It is automatic.
Brutish words which leave many ill-at-ease.
If not in power, would be pathetic
his show displaying fascist tendencies.

Look what you’ve done, totally at your whim.
All our defences pushed down; down, down, down.
Allowing civil hatred to begin,
And extremist violence to abound.

Automatic. For him it’s totally
automatic. Will be, murderously.


Could think of it as metaphorical.
Equivalence; fascists, anti-fascists.
Makes for a re-writing of World War 2.
Giving history a falsified twist.

After all, both sides deployed violence.
But it was what they fought for that mattered.
In that, there no moral equivalence.
Nazis must not be excused or flattered.

They invaded for racial purity;
for empire and superiority.
For population as wanted to be,
prepared to murder industrially.

Insult to those who fought to defeat them
to equate those against, to that poison.


This is a man who flirts with fascism.
Presents it as though it’s acceptable.
Who finds excuse for its extremism.
Who doesn’t think it is unbearable.

He’s the mouthpiece for tolerating it.
For saying what they want is not so bad.
For deflection from criticising it
Blaming others, when was courage they had

to oppose it; to protest its evil.
He doesn’t mind it becoming rampant.
As part of his support base, integral
Helps him with what he wants to implement,

which is to ‘discipline’ those he detests.
Those who challenge his sort. Fascists molest.


What to do with a racist president?
What to do with a racist president?
What to do with a racist president
texting in the morning, … much excrement?

Resist his dismantling of equal rights.
Object when says police killing blacks alright;
or must keep slavery statues in sight.
Against street thugs, he backs, put up a fight.

What to do with a racist president,
when he is that way inclined all day long?
It is far far worse than mere irritant.
A just America, he’ll claim is wrong.

Hooray, if you’re part of the uprising.
Hooray, for the good you’re realising.


Gun-totin’ loser, murderous shooter.
Moron with military weaponry.
Thinking of self as executioner.
Representing worst of humanity.

Gun-totin’ looney, with his legal right
to have the arsenal he has stockpiled.
The ‘power’ he could unleash, his delight.
Could take out those who cause him to get riled.

Gun lobby supports his right to bear arms.
So does the constitution. Self defence.
To have, also means can use, without qualms.
Too bad for the targeted innocents,

when the gun-totin’ guy builds up a score.
Sorrow, of course, but still won’t change the law.