The British State is not fit for purpose.
The purpose, I think, it should be fit for.
It puts the wealthy and privileged first.
The vulnerable left with lives unsure.

The chronic waste of money on weapons
and worthless military fiascos,
incurred. Justified, whatever happens.
The chance to spend that wisely, instead, goes.

The curtain of public services torn.
Education reduced to ramshackle,
extending class grief on those to be born.
Cuts imposed instead of problems tackled.

Bad employment conditions. Poverty.
This State enshrining inequality.


It is worthy, Christian morality.
Goes without saying. Said, though, it should be.
Not appease populist mentality,
or with establishment always agree.

Like ‘and the meek shall inherit the earth’;
and ’he who’s without sin, cast the first stone’.
Or, ‘rich through needle’s eye’, to show their worth.
‘Suffer the little children’, also known,

‘to come to me for they are the kingdom
of heaven’. But it’s all been watered down.
Only if uncontentious sing along.
Don’t call to do better than what’s around.

The poor, the blame culture, the unfair wealth, …
child refugees. Church speaks, but mutes itself.


Say it’s what has to be, austerity.
Money has to be as tight as a drum.
Can’t continue with the prosperity.
Someone has to pay. Time for that has come.

Hardship. What hardship? Not for those with dosh.
It’s just if you haven’t got all that much,
you get to feel that you’re under a cosh.
Battered. Cries for help ignored, pretty much.

Cost of what you need increasingly high.
All you might rely on, cut back as well.
Debt collectors don’t want a reason why.
When can’t afford to manage, feels like hell.

And what they tell us. Their temerity.
We have to bear it, this austerity.


Will I be accepted as slightly mad;
as having youthful eccentricity.
Not simply written-off as bad or sad.
Known as one lacking synchronicity

with societal norms and conventions,
and mainstream political attitudes.
Not easily make-out my intentions,
and aren’t the ones to which they would allude.

But how can I be considered crazy;
a bit wild, perhaps with something missing,
when loads on prescription drugs are hazy,
or with obsessions keep revisiting.

Why bother to label me “off the wall”,
when those leading us, nuttiest of all.


Are desperate not to pay their fair share,
a lot of the high earners, overpaid.
About others’ welfare simply don’t care.
The country’s privileges, theirs to raid.

An establishment to argue their case.
Services paid for, too, in politics
and punditry, with its media face.
The mean-mindeds’ points’ of view, conduits.

It’s not just that, philosophically,
Inequality is worse, on merit.
Unjustified, a greed monopoly,
and cruel to excluded, made to bear it.

Inefficient, too, the simple fact is.
Resources not best used, and lost taxes.


There is not much that seems reasonable;
or that’s particularly sensible.
Hardly anything call equitable.
In fact, inequitable typical.

The unfairness there is, should not persist.
Those allowing should be brought to account.
The status quo arguments they enlist
should, to barely any real extent, count.

Claimed to be merit, but not worth that much.
Act as though they are irreplaceable.
Consider the rest of us ‘a soft touch’;
that we’re paid far less, inescapable.

With their film star pay, think it’s Hollywood.
They’re little more than ‘gangsters in the hood’.


I detest the British establishment.
Could not support a war to safeguard them.
Its way of running things no accident.
Own people; it has scant regard for them.

The One per cent, greedy and vindictive.
Privilege and power, automatic.
‘Merit’, ‘Market’, them at top, predictive.
If don’t get their way, response dramatic.

Have levers to pull to get what they want.
Media promote their class interests.
Money buys a lot; to stay affluent.
Politicians in place, at some expense.

The British State, theirs, to block objections.
Can go hang with its malign directions.


The horrible little racist fascists
who run Britain’s most horrid newspapers.
Without them, far less hatred would exist.
They’re more inciters than commentators.

They protect the rich and attack the poor.
Pretend extremism is common sense.
Abandoned decent standards, that’s for sure.
Nastiness deliberately represent.

Brutal to refugees and immigrants.
Their bid to stop overseas aid, deadly.
They back wars as though we are innocents.
To workers struggling, have hostility.

Immensely immoral. Unhesitant
outriders for Britain’s establishment.


The Russians are here. The Russians are here.
With fall of the wall, thought they’d disappeared.
But, although the evidence isn’t clear,
in elections, alleged they interfered.

The Russians to blame. The Russians to blame.
The bleat of the cold war. Now, much the same.
Scapegoat for own failings. Just have to name.
Their hackers caused all our computer pain.

The Russians are thugs. The Russians are thugs.
In the movies, involved in crime and drugs.
Large numbers, our hero with his gun, plugs
Tough, but not equal to him, the poor mugs.

It’s an attitude I think we’ve got wrong.
But, ‘high stakes threat to us’ goes down a bomb.


Could be horror, through the eyes of Satan,
but unlikely to be seen in that way.
Not thought of as cause for consternation.
Just the forces of mankind on display.

Political decisions are immune,
if unchallenged, or challenge defeated.
‘Did what had to’, the narrative assumes.
The devilry element deleted.

Murder described as ‘defence’; ‘self-defence’.
And there’s jobs; more importantly, profits
in the armaments trade, which is immense.
Morality not enough to stop it.

So, as the Devil would perceive the sight,
see the charnal houses, and think alright.


Don’t believe these elites can continue.
Absorbing so much wealth and privilege,
whilst most with so little try to make do.
Those demanding change will find the courage

to rebel, stage revolt with real purpose.
Insist that the status quo has to go.
Aware the old order will do its worst.
Lashing out its last swipe, in its death throe.

Cannot sustain system of injustice.
Moral support, to justify greed, weak.
Think can keep in place with an iron fist,
but once they are bloodied, they’re anaemic.

There are masses of people who need change.
It will happen. New order they’ll arrange.