Don’t believe they don’t know what they’re doing,
when they set out to sell killing machines.
Country’s leaders, this way, prostituting.
Suppyling arms to murderous regimes.

Cobden’s moral truism was ‘no right
to lend money for knives for cutting throats’.
It’s profit, whilst blind eye to victim’s plight,
arms deals, with all sorts of corruption, grossed.

Excuse is, it’s in the U.N. Charter.
A country has the right to self-defence.
But, control how weapons used, non-starter.
The killing which comes from them, is immense.

A pull-factor for people-traffickers,
our own leaders being arms-traffickers.


It’s not all quiet on the western front.
Activity with guns and munitions.
Presence of the enemy, an affront
How to kill them, informs the decisions.

There’s no escape for the participants.
Probability of their death is high.
Acting out conflicting omnipotence.
On behalf of their one, they’re forced to die.

Battle for western half of the city,
where almost million civilians reside.
Likely they’ll be very little pity.
Can count themselves lucky if they survive.

War we support, so not a hostile press.
Capture of Mosul in best interest.


Drone killings now institutionalised.
That is what they have become, and can’t stop.
Nowadays, are not even justified,
other than in the blandest terms they’ve got.

Work establishments operate, control.
The links established in other countries.
Near-autonomous troops use as a goal.
Targets, up to those the President sees.

Have to keep the work stream flowing for them.
Is why U.S. still does Somalia.
Not to save lives from famine. Ignore them.
Prepared to use way beyond Al Qaeda.

To have this weapon, more States will decide,
and there, too, be institutionalised.


Such utter tragedy. Unspeakable.
The multiple deaths from the explosion.
Can’t even say it’s unrepeatable.
As weapon of war, has its promotion.

The suicide bomber’s murderous act.
Distorted thinking imbued with evil.
Killing self in the personal attack
to also kill innocents, does appal.

In this latest case, most adolescents,
present for night of song and performance.
But in the foyer was hatred’s presence,
to take away lives of such importance.

Revenge for others’ slaughtered? Who knows cause.
Fanaticism dictating own rules.


Latest war zone, the shit hole of the world,
‘suppose that would currently be Raqqa.
Run close by Mosul. Places bombed and shelled
Other wars too, if of such a tracker.

How sorry I am for the people there.
I would not like to be in such a place.
The destruction causing utter despair,
with death eyeing all around in the face.

Thanks for the liberation …. yet again.
And the trade in arms. I didn’t profit.
You will take it badly if I offend.
Think I am hostile. Come on! Come off it!

And what of the ruins; all the rubble,
and the shattered lives amidst the trouble?


The bottom line is pretty disastrous.
The extinction of whole, precious, species.
Existence for many’s become parlous.
The Earth losing these wondrous entities.

Malthus’ prediction that population
growth of humans was unsustainable,
was by agriculturalisation
growth disproved. It has been attainable.

But due to mans’ land accumulation,
including increased urbanisation,
and intense farming ways, habitations
for natural wildlife’s decimation.

Scientists say this will have consequence
for creature and human inheritance.


It is a horrible aberration,
the ideology and practices
of Islamic State. Theirs’ a mutation
of the Quran, with poisonous disease,

into, principally, barbarity.
Jihad the justification for this.
An excuse to deny humanity.
Holy War, as if only they exist.

Death, by this creed then, easily applied,
without believing that life is precious.
And much more. There is slavery besides.
What counts is brutality in excess.

The feudalism of Islamic State.
Cruel acts, under the slogan “God is Great!”


The organism. The environment.
They are mutually compatible.
For life, the right nature’s a requirement;
from the source elements, constructional.

What is the world; could say the universe?
Nothing but the conditions to create,
and sustain, life-forms. Primitive at first,
but the system’s such, improvements innate,

over however long in time it takes.
Work in progress, many combinations,
‘though for some the mutuality breaks,
and the species meets its limitations.

Humans could damage what they depend on.
Destruction, its bent, and itself be gone.


As a creature, we think we are God-like.
Can manipulate nature, at our will.
Can, for shelter, sustenance, and the like.
Extract medicines for illness to heal.

And nature is helpful, to meet our need.
Changes, to produce more of what we want.
It seems it’s trying to help us succeed.
More often than not, does not disappoint.

Engaged in a long, on-going, process.
And, although mostly, humans well-favoured,
with other life, nature has interest.
Options to develop others, it could.

Thinking we’re sole masters; independent,
is wrong. On much more, we are dependant.


Causing damage, human activity.
Bringing a decline in other species.
Climate Change, of course, inevitably.
Desert and infertile soil increases.

Insect populations massively down
Far fewer Bees, on whom much dependant.
Plastics in the oceans swarm all around.
Leaving grave problems for our descendants.

Intensive farming methods; pesticides.
Pollution someone thought acceptable.
Corporates, where power unchecked resides,
thought their by-product undetectable.

The making of a world, dystopian.
To stop it, urgent, not utopian.